Things to do in Kansas City

City of Kansas City

Kansas City is the biggest city in the state of Missouri. It is known for the location of several battles during the Civil War. It is known for its numerous fountains, culture in arts, various local cuisines and upscale shopping. So make a list of things to do in Kansas City, the City of Fountains. The city also has more boulevards than any other city except Paris and hence is also known as "Paris of the Plains."

The Steamboat Arabia Museum should be number one in your list of things to do in Kansas City. You can pay a visit to the steamer's hull and deck, apart from other things to visit. The museum has a cargo gallery, a general store and several other galleries with bits and pieces recovered in the mine of the Steamboat Arabia.

For a day in town, among the list of other things to do in Kansas City, visit Westport. It is a popular place to enjoy shopping, dining and a night out on the town. You can literally walk from bar to bar and feel satiated. There's everything from Ernie Bigg's Piano Bar to a burger joint called Blanc to the Central American Textile Company, which sells Guatemalan textiles.

Boulevard Brewing Company is a brewer that offers its fans everything from unfiltered wheat (a favorite) to pale ale to pilsner. Having your good brew should be one of the best things to do in Kansas City. There is a guided tour of the brewery, which includes a short video on the history of the Boulevard Brewing Company, a walk-through and also some samples of how beer is made. You should book your tour about 3 months in advance since the seats keep filling up quickly.

For the artsy things to do in Kansas City, visit the art museum of Nelson-Atkins. It has a big badminton shuttle installed on the lawn which can attract the children or it can attract the adults who will love the light play in the Caravaggio's Saint John. The whole enduring collection has the span of 5,000 years and does have the art from Asia, Europe and America of course.

If walking is one of the things to do in Kansas City, it is at the Country Club Plaza. It is one of Kansas City's most popular places to dine, shop, movie watch or simply just walk. It is an outdoor shopping district that has chain stores, with restaurants and shops are showcased in high relief among the Spanish-style tiles, fountains and the statues that can be found in the whole district. If you're looking for barbecue, you will have to go to the west of the Plaza for almost two miles where you will find famed Oklahoma Joe's.

For the history lovers, you should check out the national museum of World War I. It is a private museum that is arranged in descriptive form, so that it looks like the WWI soldiers were narrating the guests their stories of war they fought through the evidence. There you can also find an imitation of theaters, trenches, guns and propaganda posters. The elevator of Glass Bridge can help you to go to top of the Memorial tower which will give you better views of Kansas City.

The Power & Light District has more than 50 restaurants, shops and nightlife venues. If night life is one of the things to do in Kansas City on your list, then come to the power and light district. The live amusement venue hosts almost 150 of different performances and concerts every year. There are lots of places which will make you busy -- like the AMC Mainstreet Theatre, Angels Rock Bar and Lounge or Lucky Strike Lanes.

Want to do some sledding? One of the best things to do in Kansas City is innovative and adventurous. You will find old and young people both sliding down the famous Suicide Hill. True to its name the Suicide Hill is not meant for anyone who has a weak heart and those who are afraid of sledding and sliding down its greasy slope for years.

Add a lawn & garden show to the things to do in Kansas City. It is a combined effort to construct one of the famous and largest Shows in the Midwest in the spring time. At the show a number of vendors almost every corner presents some garden services and products to fulfill whatever is your need.

The Mutual Musicians Foundation is a happening' place for things to do in Kansas City. The foundation has been nurturing jazz and jazz musicians for nearly a century. This little venue has been playing jazz constantly, longest of all places in the U.S. and even the world. People say it has the best atmosphere, quality of music and people.

So go ahead, and go take a drive to Kansas City, Missouri. You will be pleasantly surprised about the variety and the quality of things that you can do.

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