Things to do in Tucson

City of Tucson

In all likelihood, you would have heard of the city of Tucson in relation to the University of Arizona. The city, which is also the county seat of Pima County is a lot more than simply the host for a popular learning destination. You will find all sorts of sights and sounds to enjoy and relive here. The city filled with museums, cathedrals and a lot of historical landmarks. Compared to other cities, we feel that Tucson is more focused about museums and history than anything else.

San Xavier DelBac Mission

The simplest way to describe the San Xavier del Bac Mission is through the quote ‘’place where the water appears’’. This quote indicates to the natural waterfalls that are located near the mission. The mission, among the Things to do in Tucson, has a long history to it, being built in the last decade of the 17th century. Those who are curious to know about missions in general will learn a lot here.

St. Augustine Cathedral

Cathedrals have always been a standing structure that tells a lot of stories about the time they were constructed. Since cathedrals were large scale undertaking only the best artists of the time were involved during its construction. At St. Augustine Cathedral, among the Things to do in Tucson, you can catch wind of architectural styles of Spanish Colonial as well as Renaissance Revival.

World War II Memorial

World War II is the greatest war that was fought in the entirety of human history. One of the most historically important war memorials is located in this city. You will find a number of pictures related to the war that was fought by America. The memorial, among the Things to do in Tucson, is an excellent way of remembering those heroes who fought for the good of mankind in the Great War.

Tucson Museum of Art

The study of art gives us an insight into the way a city has grown over the years. The Tucson Museum of Art is definitely something that is worth spending an evening, either alone or with other art loving friends. The museum, among the Things to do in Tucson, packs a permanent collection as well as items brought from other museums. Admission fee is reasonable and there are tours available on a regular basis.

Saguaro National Park

Arizona is known for the high temperatures that some regions can experience. As a result you will find some of the largest growing in this city, and you can find a bunch of them at Saguaro National Park, among the Things to do in Tucson. As with most national parks, you have ample opportunity to take part is some adventurous hiking expeditions as well as road trips.

Pima Air & Space Museum

The reach of mankind has long extended beyond those things that are on the planet. Yes, we are talking about space exploration. You can taste of the various ways America is exploring the outer space by spending a day or two at Pima Air & Space Museum, among the Things to do in Tucson. You will find aircrafts that took part in real battles, models that are currently used in the air force. You will also find space aircraft replicas and models.

Fort Lowell Park

Fort Lowell was a fort that was once used by the military. Today, this historical monument has been converted into a park where folks can spend some quality time with their family. While you are here, you get to spend some time walking through the corridors of the old fort. Later, you can take part in some hiking as well as camping at the park. There is also a museum for those who want to learn more about this war weary fort, among the Things to do in Tucson.

Arizona Historical Society

We had mentioned earlier about the abundance of museums in the city of Tucson. That trend continues with the Arizona Historical Society. The society, which is a non for profit organization, focuses on collecting as well as maintaining items that are connected to the history of Arizona. There are two things you can do at this place, among the Things to do in Tucson. See what has been achieved by the society so far. You can also find out more about becoming an active member. Those on educational tours should visit this place.

Sabino Canyon

There are three things that come to our mind when we think of canyons - Hiking, Riding and Walking. Those who are touring through the city of Tucson and have these three recreational activities in mind will be thrilled at the opportunities that are provided by Sabino Canyon, among the Things to do in Tucson. You will also get to see some wildlife of Arizona that includes deer as well as tortoises.

University of Arizona

The final item on our list, is the university for which Arizona is most famous. It is located right here in the city of Tucson. The century old university plays host to more than thirty five thousand students annually. If you are thinking of becoming part of this university or just curious about the life in a university, drop by for a thrilling experience. The university is among the Things to do in Tucson.

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