Things to do in San Jose

City of San Jose

San Jose is the city of adventures and it's the third largest city in California and it is ranked no. 10 in the United States of America. It is also the county seat of Santa Clara County. If we talk about Silicon Valley, then San Jose is the largest city. In northern California, it is the largest city. San Jose was founded in November 29, 1777 as El Pueblo de San Jose de Guadalupe. It was the first town in the Spanish area of Nueva California. There are many things to do in San Jose and many places to see in San Jose.

Such beautiful and famous places are discussed here for your best travel assistant:

Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph: Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph was the first church built in 1803. Today this church is the fifth building at the site because the old churches suffered damages and fire. This church is filled with art works. A person who is in San Jose and never visited the Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph is missing one of the greatest things in the city. There are many things to do in San Jose and Cathedral Basilica is one of them.

California Theatre: California theatre is ranked no. 2 among the tourist places in California. This is the best place for entertainment. Visiting California theatre on vacations or holidays is the best way to entertain yourself and is an important activity among the things to do in San Jose.

Children’s Discovery Museum: Children’s Discovery Museum is one of the fantastic entertainment places for children because at Children’s Discovery Museum anyone can get lots of entertaining items and there in the museum they allows children to interact with the exhibits. If you desire to take your children to a place where they can’t get bored then the Children’s Discovery Museum is a perfect choice amongst the so many things to do in San Jose.

The Tech Museum of Innovation: Tech museum of innovation is the landmark of Silicon Valley for those who are seeking for an awesome place where you can entertain yourself. It arouses your enthusiasm for science and takes you deeper into the realm of technology. You can spend hours going through the exhibits and thus the Tech Museum is among the best things to do in San Jose for tech enthusiastic visitors.

Happy Hollow Park and Zoo: There are a lot of entertaining places in California and this is definitely one of the best; an entertaining place where children feel good and better is the zoo. This is the best way to entertain your children and yourself too. Among the various things to do in San Jose, the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo Park has ranked no. 5 for the all-round fun it has in store for you and your family. So you must visit and entertain yourself. So it is the best place for the best things to do in San Jose.

Cinnabar Hills Golf Club: For those Golf lovers who are very particular in choosing the Golf Club then they must visit Cinnabar Hills Golf Club. It is ranked no. 6 and this is the best place to play golf and pass memorable time. There are a lot of places in San Jose California and the name of the Cinnabar Hills Golf Club flashes across your mind among the things to do in San Jose as it is the most famous club to play golf.

Heritage rose Garden: Heritage rose Garden is one of the beautiful gardens situated in San Jose and is fully filled with roses. There are different types of roses to mesmerize you. This garden is dedicated to all types of roses. Women love roses very much and to visit this garden can let them enjoy.

Alum Rock Park: Alum Rock Park is an awesome place to visit and enjoy. Its area is about 718 acres with 149 picnic tables, 85 BBQs with 2 playgrounds. Along with the best environment you must visit this park for enjoyment and adventurous things to do in San Jose. All people visit this park to spend valuable time of their entire life.

Japanese Friendship Garden: This is a garden full of enjoyment and covers six acres of manicured landscape; and bridges as well as waterfall are also seen here. People can visit this place to enjoy a lot and make their vacations more interesting and worthwhile. There are several things to do in San Jose and this is one of them.

Conclusion: These are some of the best things to do in San Jose. There is lots of amazing scenery in San Jose, California for a perfect voyage. Here we confer only a few wonderful and chronological places of San Jose, California. Visit San Jose and find out more.

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