Things to do in Arlington

City of Arlington

The United States of America has many cities that have sparse population. Then, there are cities that have population in excess of millions. Arlington happens to be one of the major cities that have a sparse population. This should in no way deter would be tourists to add Arlington to their travel maps. Tourists who skip Arlington are doing it at their own risk for this city has a lot of travel fun to offer. We have the fantastic sports stadium, the original Six Flags which is well known across the country and several parks.

The city also plays host to some important office buildings that are part of the government such as Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Of course, that won't be part of your travel map but the following ten destinations should be.

Rangers Ballpark

Baseball fans who are making their way through Arlington have no choice but to spend at least an evening of sports action at the Rangers Ballpark, among the things to do in Arlington. The park, built as a substitute for the aging, original Arlington Stadium. The stadium is currently the home for two important institutions - Texas Rangers of the American League and the Hall of Fame for the Texas Rangers. If possible, buy tickets for a match here, come early and explore the hall of fame.

Six Flags over Texas

Six Flags is a brand of rides that is popular all over the world. If you are a family sort of a person, you are bound to have visited at least one Six Flags amusement park in your lifetime, among the things to do in Arlington. Possibly much more than that. Those who are making vacation plans that involve Arlington should add the Six Flags over Texas as part of the overall plan. The Six Flag in Arlington happens to be the first Six Flags to have opened and continues to be an important attraction of the city.

Bowling Museum

Bowling is one of the few indoor sports which is popular across genders and age. The game is fairly popular owing to its easy learning curve and availability. Some people do take bowling more seriously than others. For those folks, Arlington has a, one of a kind, bowling museum, among the things to do in Arlington. You will be able to learn the entire history of bowling, all the way from invention decades ago. There is also a hall of fame which sheds light on some of the bowling greats that took bowling to the next level.

Arlington Music Hall

The music scene in Arlington may not be grand like in other cities, but much of musical activity is concentrated at the Arlington Music Hall, among the things to do in Arlington. The hall, located at 224 N Centre Street, is a hotbed for all sorts of musical activity. Events are organized throughout the year. The website is constantly updated with upcoming events and has an excellent ticketing facility that allows you to book tickets online.

River Legacy Park

In many ways, the River Legacy Park is more than just a nature conservation society. It is something of a learning center where visitors are taught about the importance of conserving nature. Zoos and botanical gardens do the same thing, among the things to do in Arlington. The River Legacy Park goes out of its way to emphasize this aspect by putting education above recreation.

Alley Cats Entertainment

We talked about the unique, Bowling Museum that is located in Arlington. It would be a shame if we don't recommend the best place to bowling for those who had a good time at the museum. That excellent bowling facility for Arlington tourists would be Alley Cats Entertainment, among the things to do in Arlington. Other than bowling, you also have Laser Tag, Billiards and Rock Climbing.

Arlington Convention Centre

Business professionals who are looking to mix some business with pleasure will appreciate the convenience provided by the Arlington Convention Centre. Not strictly a tourist spot, curious visitors will always find some or the other interesting events happening at the convention center. Check the event calendar and according make your plan if you are heading to this massive, multi-storied convention center, among the things to do in Arlington.

College Park Center

College Park Center is not really a park. Rather, it is the event venue that is managed and maintained by the University Of Texas, among the things to do in Arlington. The College Park Center is home to three teams - Women's Basketball, Men's Basketball and Volleyball. You may catch them in action if your travel calendar matches with that of the College Park Center sports event schedule.

Studio Movie Grill

Movie watching can be a different experience, depending on the venue. For a movie experience that can make any movie look good, check into Studio Movie Grill, among the things to do in Arlington. The movie venue is best known for its food. If you were to visit the site, to book tickets for instance, you will be welcomed with a great food menu. You would be mistaken to feel that it is some kind of online food service!


Some people claim that every major discovery has already been made. Proving them wrong is the Planetarium, among the things to do in Arlington. The sky and the space beyond has so many mysteries, many of them with no clear answers. You can take a ride through the magic of space and beyond at the Arlington Planetarium. It is the largest such facility in the state and will leave you speechless with its shows.

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