Things to do in Chicago

City of Chicago

Millennium Park, Michigan Avenue & Museum Campus!!! If this is all what you have in things to do in Chicago dossier then you are mistaken. Let me take to you places to know more of Chicago.

Chicago is famous amongst chefs and known for its distinct regional specialties which are ethnic in true sense. The Chicago style thin crust dish pizza, Chicago style hot dog, Chicago sandwiches, Chicken Vesuvio, jibartio are well known. In such a gourmet influenced state, the best thing to do in Chicago is to enjoy Charlie Trotter, Grant Achatz, Rick Bayless dishes in their exclusive restaurants. Add to it the Taste of Chicago festival in Grant Park could be the finest dining treat ever. Hog Butcher place of the world – Chicago caters its vegan population with equal retreat. Chicago Diner, Amitabul, Victory’s Banner and Pick me up Café … Zombiee Coffee and vegan tofu preps will add flavor. Let’s spice up things to do in Chicago by visiting equally good vegan restaurants.

Lutnia Continental Café is the best deal to complete the food itinerary portion of things to do in Chicago. Table side preparations of many French inspired menu items like the Caesar salad and even the Steak à la "Diana" inspires the chef in us. The style of serving Polish Coffee with brown sugar and honey liquor in glass and over flame finishing off with whipped cream, with a scoring of mint and a pinch of orange peel. The peaches and pears for the ice cream flambé desserts result in related action, so keep room. If you're in search of an exclusive cocktail, you can go for Zubrowka martini, which includes vodka mixed with a pinch of apple juice and safe buffalo grass.

Shopping along Magnificent Mile and State Street and Chicago’s architectural beauty attract millions of domestic and foreign tourists.

Various museums could add up in places to visit and things to do in Chicago. Few famous City Spots include Chicago Cultural Center which also acts as Visitor Information Center, Harris Theater for Music and Dance, Millennium Park, Museum campus comprising of Alder Planetarium, Field Museum of Natural History & Astronomy Museum, and the Shedd Aquarium. There are many museums and galleries in Chicago like National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum which exhibits Vietnamese vets exhibitory work; DuSable Museum of African American History, polish Museum of America, Pritzker Military Library etc .The Garfield Park Conservatory holds largest collections of tropical plants in any US City.

Chicago’s Theater activities and fine arts treasure are equally beautiful. Chicago Symphony Orchestra echoes the spirit of classical music. Enjoy performances by this Orchestra at Symphony theatre. Similarly the Civic Opera House is noted for its contribution. For dance enthusiasts, Chicago Festival Ballet & Joffery Ballet performs at various venues. Ivan Albright and Ed Paschke are known for their bizarre paintings and style of surrealism. Artistic things to do in Chicago!!!

Some of the other well known places to visit and things to do in Chicago include

1. Reggie's Rock Club and Record Breakers: The best things about Reggie’s Rock Club in the South Loop are the best place to find all old music records. You name it and you get it here. Enjoy music, and then join in to listen to live acts too.

2. Excellent example of green technology Judy Istock Butterfly Haven is a really worth place in Chicago to be at. Enter the butterfly zone to be between 80 different species varieties of butterflies.

3. Paseo Boricua and Humboldt Park: Daniel Burnham's "Emerald Necklace" of parks and boulevards is the best entertaining place in Chicago. Gardens, playgrounds, fields, lagoons at Humboldt Boulevard toward North Avenue are just another beautiful place.

4. Karaoke: The bar also has a serious dart-playing contingent; to check out their playgrounds, tag along the wood-paneled stockades to the rear room. Order the food till midnight at the overhead counter and that’s the best of things to do in Chicago and enjoy.

5. Robert J. Quinn Fire Academy: It is one of the finest fire fighter training academies of Chicago where original steam-powered engines are placed in the lobby — and you can see references on plaque that marks where the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 began.

6. Artis's Lounge: If quality DJ, jukebox and ambient environment is what you are hunting for to make best of Chicago trip; add Artis’s Lounge in things to do in Chicago list. The best of DJ, the cheering dance floor with everyone in parting hard moods, and the band taking up nearly all of it. R & B karaoke takes place every Wednesday night, while the rest of the place chants along. If you discover yourself be seated at the center of the round bar grooving to some soul or funk number you don't recognize, just ask someone. Mississippi Slides of Southern Mixers was soul touching and it was time to capture dance floor and mastering the best moves…

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