Things to do in Denver

City of Denver

Are you planning to visit Denver, the capital city of the state of Colorado in the U.S.? If yes then this article will help you to know Denver and accordingly plan your travel.

Denver is also known as the Mile High City. It is a city which is located just at the foothills of the Rockies. As a tourist you can enjoy the city throughout the year, as it remains shinning on almost all the days of a year.

When planning a visit to Denver, you must make a list of Things to do in Denver. This list about Things to do in Denver will certainly help you to see Denver better.

Here is the suggested list of Things to do in Denver:

1. Downtown Denver – The city center of Denver is one of the attractive features of Denver. The area is not very widely spread hence you can walk through the city center and enjoy every moment. Here you can visit the Colorado State Capitol, The Clyfford Still Museum, The Blue Bear at the Colorado Convention Center, U.S. Mint LoDo Historic District, 16th Street Mall - Pedestrian Mall, Larimer Square, Denver Art Museum and the Confluence Park.

2. City park – City parks fall in the must visit list in Things to do in Denver. Nearly all the city parks have outstanding scenic views along with flower gardens to sooth your eye. Among the various city parks you must visit the Denver Museum of Nature, Denver Botanic Gardens and Science and Denver Zoo. 3. Shopping at Cherry Creek Shopping District.

If you have enough days to spend, then Denver can act as a very good base camp. There are very nice places which you can visit from Denver. All these places are a very good as a day trip from Denver. Therefore from a traveler’s point of view you must adjust days to visit these places, hence you must include these in your Things to do in Denver list.

Visiting the Rockies is the most important Things to do in Denver, as Rockies is best experienced in this region. The popular day trips from Denver are:

• Central City and Black Hawk – These are two cities which are famous for its mining resources. When visiting Central City and Black Hawk, you can take a mining tour where you will be given all the information about mining process, minerals and you will also be taken to mining museums. The region is also famous for its preserved Victorian building structures.

• Georgetown – This town which is set amidst the valley of the Rockies provides spectacular view of the mountain and its valleys.

• Mount Evans – This is again one of the place which falls in the must list of Things to do in Denver. This has the highest paved road in the U.S. and hence once you reach the highest point you can feel and see the beauty of nature. On the way you can visit the M. Walter Pesman Trail where you will find rare species of flower and years old pine trees.

• Pikes Peak Country and Colorado Springs – Here also you get to see the beauty of the Rockies. You can visit the Air Force Academy and the Broadmoor Resort. The Broadmoor Resort has a lake and golf course and is worth a visit. Here you can see various springs and red sandstone block mountains which is at its best.

• Rocky Mountain National Park – This National Park provides trails and highways through which you can explore the beauty of the Rockies. You will find many waterfalls, lakes, wildlife along with the greenery of the Rockies. You can also opt for horseback riding if you are an adventure lover.

• Denver's Beer Triangle – Denver is said to be the America’s No.1 Beer city hence a visit to the brewery must fall in your Things to do in Denver list. Coors Brewery, the largest single brewery in the world, falls in this region and therefore it is quite meaningful to visit such a brewery.

• Golden – It is one of the most famous historic towns which once served as a territorial capital. When visiting Golden you must also visit the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre.

If you are an adventurous person you can include Fort Collins in your Things to do in Denver list. Here you will get many various adventure sports which are friendly in nature such as river rafting, bike hiking, etc. other than Fort Collins Denver is also famous for sports activities. Denver provides many professional teams to represent the state. You can opt for biking in Denver, experience whitewater rafting, Zip Lines, Segways, Balloons and several other outdoor activities.

Denver has various hotels for your stay. Depending on your budget you can choose to stay at a luxury or a budget hotel. To travel around Denver you get lots of options for ground transportation to bike. If you want more information you can visit Denver’s tourist information website or you can visit the tourist information center after reaching Denver.

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