Things to do in Wichita

City of Wichita

Wichita, one time popularly known as Cowtown because of the booming cattle industry, is the largest cities in the state of Kansas. The city is, in recent times, well known for the many aircraft related industries that are established. Those who have read about Wichita would have heard of the names of aircraft manufacturers such as Beechcraft and Stearman Aircraft. Given this development, it is not surprising that the city is also referred to as the Air Capital of The World. There are simply too many aircraft industry related industries here.

This is what Wichita is most well-known. The city is also well known for being an excellent travel destination. You have so many attractions that can keep lone travelers, couple travelers and family vacationers all have something to look forward to. The top destinations for each type of traveler are listed here.

Sedgwick County Zoo

The Sedgwick County Zoo is an excellent place to kick off your Wichita tour for two things. The Zoo is always bringing in new animals on a regular basis. Even if you come here often, you will still have something to look forward and get excited about. Further, the Zoo tries its best to make the whole stay at this Zoo educational, among the things to do in Wichita. If you are coming here with kids, they will not only get to see animals like the Gorilla and Tiger, they also learn a lot.

Wichita Gardens

The Wichita Gardens is a very well maintained botanical garden and a place to see some of the most exotic plants and animals from all over the world. It is not just about the plants and flowers though. The place is also a great venue to host events like weddings, among the things to do in Wichita. Not only that, there is always one or the other events organized by the garden management.

Arkansas River Trail

On a very personal, hiking is perhaps the best way to enjoy a vacation. This is where you are on your feet, with other hikers. You get a lot of opportunity to feel the unique weather that Wichita has to offer. Hikers should use the Arkansas River Trail which is the best place for hikers and cyclists, among the things to do in Wichita. Ensure that you have a good pair of batteries for your camera so that you can capture the river trail in all its glory.

Great Plains Nature Centre

If you have already visited the Wichita Gardens and want to know more about plants and insects, then you come over to the Great Plains Nature Centre. At this center you will get to see a number of Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish and even woody plants. You will also learn a lot about the history of past settlements in Wichita, among the things to do in Wichita.

Wichita Art Museum

Like every other museum in the country, the Wichita Art Museum also has two types of exhibitions. There is the permanent collection and there are exhibitions. Depending on the day and time you are visiting, you will get to see modern art, photographs and other art elements. The permanent is definitely worth a day or two of observation. You will experience Columbian art, Davison collection and of course the Robert B. Fizzell collection, among the things to do in Wichita.

Crown Uptown Theatre

For some reason, the best way to enjoy movies is over a great meal. Keeping that thought in mind, the finest dinner and movie theatre when in Wichita is the Crown Uptown Theatre, among the things to do in Wichita. They have a regular theatre for adults and also children's theatre. The food itself is amazing.

Old Town

The way to see where we are right now is to look at our past. Those who are interested in history of Wichita should come to Old Town, among the things to do in Wichita. This is the place where you will see houses and buildings dating all the way to the nineteenth century.

Museum of World Treasures

Of all the museums that we could recommend, the Museum of World Treasures is the most interesting one. This is where you will get to see a variety of attractions from around the world. You get to walk among Egyptian Mummies, American Presidents, historic books and even a Military collection. Of all these collections, our pick would be the T-Rex exhibit. Fans of Jurassic Park will love this display and you will find only at the Museum of World Treasures, among the things to do in Wichita.

Warren Oldtown Theatre Grille

We have already talked about watching movies while eating. Another option, particularly for those visitors who are looking for a grilled cuisine should come to the Warren Oldtown Theatre Grille, among the things to do in Wichita. The theatre seating is amazing and you have got a great service. All your favorite movies are playing here. If you go visiting on Wednesday, you can even enjoy reduced ticket prices.

Chapin Dog Park

There are no shortages of parks in any city and that includes Wichita. Then again, a park dedicated to dogs is a novelty for sure. One such park in Wichita is Chapin Dog Park, among the things to do in Wichita. This is one of those parks where you can bring along your dog for a great walk. There will be other dogs as well. The park is also great for biking and walking and has trails for either of these two activities.

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