Things to do in Newark

City of Newark

The city of Newark is located in the state of New Jersey in the United States. The city stands second in the area it covers compared to the other cities in the state. There are many universities in the city and is most populated city of the state. There are a large number of tourist spots and fun things to do in Newark.

Some of the beautiful spots are mentioned here to give you an idea of tourism spots.

Newark Museum

The museum holds the first place to visit in any city in the world and so the Newark Museum. There are many historical collections available in the Museum and monumental pieces of art and general are placed for the viewers. There are around 80 galleries of the finest collections. It gives a rich experience watching the things kept in the Museum. Though the museum is small the collections are world-class and you can cherish the experience of visiting the Newark Museum.

New Jersey Performing Art Center

Visiting New Jersey Performing Art Center is one of the things to do in Newark without fail. It unfolds a beautiful theater experience and sounds really good. This venue is neat and the seating arrangement is fabulous. There is a special attraction in the theater and you can enjoy everything in the Art Center. The parking facility is pretty good in the center and attracts every driver who just comes in.

Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart

The cathedrals are the ideal places and praying in the cathedral is one among the things to do in Newark. It takes thirty minutes to stop and watch all the beautiful things at the cathedral. The architecture of the cathedral is pretty awesome and catchy. Many want to get married in this Cathedral as it has got the historical importance of course.

Prudential Center

Prudential center is well-known for the staff over there. They are friendly and communicative. We can ask anything and get their assistance in any way. It is one of the nicest stadiums in the world. Prudential center is a beautiful center with excellent arena. The choice of foods is many and you can drink and have great fun here. There are many concerts held in this center and it will be a good experience enjoying any concert in the center.


Ironbound is a fine restaurant that serves with finest food options and there is a high-class food available for all kinds of recipes. Wherever you go on vacation you need to eat the special food that is available in that place. So having a stomach full of special items in the city of Newark is among the fun things to do in Newark. So eat nicely and be merry.

Branch Brook Park

Nature plays an important role in the tourism spots. Branch Brook Park is one of the nicest parks in the city of Newark. It looks beautiful with all the nicest flowers in the blossom. The cherry trees blossoms and it looks great to your eyes. You don’t believe that you are in a city when you are there in the park. So don’t miss visiting this park and don’t miss the fun things to do in Newark Branch Brook Park.

Military Park

Military Park unfolds the best things related to the military affairs. It is an extra-ordinary war memorial. Though there is no great thing about this park, there is a historical event as a background and so this has become a historical building. The entrance and the activities are free. The activities are good to watch a daytime rather than night time. You can enjoy the historical approach of the park.

The Jewish Museum of New Jersey

The Jewish Museum of New Jersey is more a complex than a museum. There are many things in the compound such a as gift shop, a library, a media center and hotel and so on. You can do many things to do in Newark including a visit to the Jewish Museum.

The New Jersey Historical Society

The New Jersey Historical Society is the society is a museum that brings no profits since there is no greater hit of visitors to this society. It has a large collection of many historical monuments, arts and library. There are some outstanding statues in the society which depicts the historical importance of the city Newark. Knowing the historical importance of old events when you have gone on vacation is one of the important things to do in Newark.

Museum of the Old First Ward

The city of Newark is rich in museums and the Museum of the Old First Ward is one of the museums in Newark. Including the fun things to do in Newark there are many things to do and many places to visit. Some places are of no importance to the native people of the city. But when you go there for a vacation you start loving the beauty of the architecture and the other things in the city.

These are the things to do in Newark as the city has got historical importance all over. So take time to plan a vacation and visit all the places listed above.

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