Things to do in Minneapolis

City of Minneapolis

Minneapolis is one such place where you cannot limit yourself to some things to do in Minneapolis. This place offers a great deal of things and activities you can try to attempt at your day offs. It is difficult to choose what to do and what not to in Minneapolis. Still here is a small list which can prove to be a help for you anytime.

1. Minneapolis Sculpture Garden?

This is the most attractive art museum with contemporary to modern works. One of the things to do in Minneapolis is to enjoy this garden of 11-acre, dotted with present-day works for instance the Spoonbridge & Cherry by Claus Oldenburg which is just besides the Walker Art Centre. This garden of sculptures is located between the Guthrie theatre and the Walker Art Centre.

2. St Anthony Falls Heritage Trail

St Anthony Falls Heritage Trail is right at foot of Portland Ave. This trail is something that provides the best basins of the Mississippi River. Stone Arch Bridge is the very place from which one can enjoy the place by experiencing the magnificent views of the plunging falls. On the riversides very near to this location, stands a row of restaurant and bars that you can end up in the evenings.

3. Minneapolis Institute of Arts

This is the ultimate museum for the rich ancient history of the art of the place. You can explore the various contemporary to modern style works. Do not get astonished just by seeing the list of things to do in Minneapolis Institute of Arts. If you are running short of time then you must select the must sees and relish the galleries with your friends and families.

4. Enter the Mall of America

The Mall of America is the largest shopping center here. It is located in the suburban Bloomington near the airport. This mall is similar to other malls with the regular shops and restaurants. But the things to do in Minneapolis Mall of America are endless starting with the 18-hole mini golf course. It also has a wedding chapel inside and an amusement park named Nickelodeon Universe. The world’s largest aquarium is kept here with sharks and stingrays inside the mall building.

5. Enjoy the Bryant-Lake Bowl

Excellent food items ranging from mock duck rolls to cornmeal-crusted walleye strips is what you are going to enjoy here. With a long list of things to do in Minneapolis, this place is a must even if you cut short the plan.

6. University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota is world renowned for its huge campus which lies mostly in the East Bank neighborhood. It stands by the river southeast of Minneapolis' center covering both banks of the Mississippi River. This university has over 50,000 students. One must wonder what things to do in Minneapolis inside the study campus. Well the answer is the famous silver structure by architect Frank Gehry. Also there are other architectural works inside including art paintings.

7. Chain of Lakes

You must see the chain of Lakes having Lake of the Isles, Lake Calhoun, Cedar Lake and Lake Harriet. This is the actual part of the things to do in Minneapolis, the ‘city of lakes’. One can enjoy swimming, boating, cycling on the paved path, skiing, and various other activities.

8. See the Fort Snelling

Fort Snelling is the oldest renowned structure of the state and was established in 1820 as a frontier outpost to the remote Northwest Territory. You can experience the pioneer life and stories of the history through the mouth of the guides.

9. Mary Tyler Moore statue

Nicolet Ave in the downtown provides the Nicolet Mall which has numerous stores, bars and restaurants. It is the most famous spot for pedestrians and it has the most elegant statue of Mary Tyler Moore from the 70s TV fame. This is the spot where she threw her hat once during the opening sequence of a show. This statue reminds the celebrated pose of her.

10. Supper at Red Stag Supper Club

This place is perfect for things to do in Minneapolis for people with a good need for taste bud energizing. It is an exposed-beam Northwood lodge and provides different kind of locally prepared arugula-and-pine-nut flatbread sandwiches. Other items which you can get here are smelt fries and smoked trout. Tuesday dinner stores for some excellent deals for everyone.

11. Enjoy at Bell Museum of Natural History

This museum is just perfect for the children for their part of things to do in Minneapolis. This museum houses a lot of bird and animal information that everyone would love anytime. This museum is free on Sundays. The evolution of earth and the living creatures is represented in a worthy and amazing manner.

Minneapolis in short is a city for activities with an attitude to carry out anything to everything within the city itself.

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