Things to do in Austin

City of Austin

As the capital city of Texas, Austin is a prime location for travelers. The city has a lot to offer for occasional and seasonal travelers. Austin is primarily known for its music scene, in that you can find a number of music celebration centers spread all over the city. As of now, the official slogan of the city 'The Live Music Capital of the World' makes a reference to this. The city is known for several multinational corporations that have set up shop here with Dell being the most important company in Austin.

If you are here to spend time as part of a vacation or business, you have the following ways of having a good time.

Mount Bonnell

This place, things to do in Austin, is where you go, if you enjoy taking scenic photos of Austin. You will find this location alongside the lake of Austin. Recognizing its importance to the country, the mountain is considered a registered historic landmark in Texas. Those who are visiting Austin with their families will make the most of the view that the mountain has to offer.

UT Tower

The University of Texas is a recognized and well known place of learning across the United States of America. It is one of the things to do in Austin. When you are at the university, you will have to consider taking a tour of the UT Tower. The tower almost looks like an office building, but is in fact a building dedicated to learning. Visit at night for better photos.

360 Bridge

If you are travelling around Austin, you are bound to use the Texas State Highway Loop 360 at some point. There are many landmarks that can be found while driving through this highway and the most important one is the 360 bridge. The 360 bridge is more of a nickname, with the official name being Pennybacker Bridge. The drive through this bridge is perfect and the river flowing below is a sight worth watching and among the things to do in Austin.

Circuit of the Americas Tower

The fastest cars in the world are driven at this circuit every time a Formula 1 race is held. It is true that Formula 1 is not as popular in the states as it is in other parts of the world. The circuit also holds other race tournaments which include U.S. Vintage Racing National Championship and HITS Endurance. At the Americas Tower circuit, another on the list of things to do in Austin, there is always some action on display.

Live Music

Austin calls itself the official capital of live music. The moment you step into the Austin airport, you are bound to run into one or two live music performances. Live music is part of the Austin culture and you will find performances of every type of music at many places. Clubs and bars have live music sessions organized all the time. If you are a fan of live music, you will probably never leave Austin. This is one of the things to do in Austin.


Austin is a big city with a host of commercial centers who have their offices here. That also means, there is ample opportunity for those who want to spend a lot of money on the latest in fashion and gadgets. Check into The Domain, Barton Creek Square Mall and Galleria Oaks Shopping Center for the best shopping experience that Austin has to offer. Shopping things to do in Austin must include these places.


Food related things to do in Austin: Similar to the shopping experience that Austin has to offer, the city has a great many collection of restaurants that offer every imaginable cuisine. The city has a number of fine restaurants such as BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse which is located on Mopac Expressway, The Flying Carpet which is located at Bouldin Creek and Way South Philly, which can be found at Waller.


As a business center for Texas, Austin plays host to the headquarters of several multinational corporations. If you are one of the employees of these corporations, you are probably looking to play some golf. Austin is a nice place to play some golf and also close some business deals while you are at it and is among the things to do in Austin. The gold clubs that you should check out include Austin Country Club, Avery Ranch and Riverside Golf Course.

Wine Country

You would be surprised to know that Texas has a large collection of wineries that produce some of the finest wines in the country. Of these wineries about thirty of them are located in the city of Austin. Winery exploring is among the things to do in Austin. Wineries always make for a pleasant trip for large groups who are touring through Austin. Some of the wineries you may want to see are Becker Vineyards, Grape Creek Vineyard and Stone House Vineyard.

LBJ Presidential Library

The final item on our list is the presidential library of Lyndon Baines Johnson. The library is a good place to take your children to on an educational trip and is things to do in Austin. It provides an insightful experience of the history of not just Texas, but America as well. The library also has a habit of keeping content fresh by adding new items on a regular basis. Even if you have visited the library in the past, you will always find something new every time you come back.

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