Things to do in Fresno

City of Fresno

The city of Fresno is the seat of its namesake county, and is among the top forty largest cities in America. You may have read about Fresno in connection to San Joaquin Valley. The valley itself is well known for a variety of economical productions that are related to Agriculture, Petroleum and Prisons. Fresno plays an important role in the valley, as much of the valley is considered rural in nature. The name Fresno is not an English word. Rather, the name is derived from the Spanish word which means ash tree, and you will find that the ash tree is part of the city's official flag.

There are a lot of things to do in this wonderful city. Of the hundreds of attractions that can keep anyone occupied for days together, we have listed out ten of them. These ten attractions should serve as an introduction to your Fresno vacation plans.

The Tower District

Most cities have business districts, shopping districts and so on. These allow visitors to travel to a single location and accordingly get their work done. For tourists specifically, the city has The Tower District and among things to do in Fresno. This is where you would enjoy the best experience in dining and arts as well as fun. You could be travelling alone or with your partner or family. You will find the collection of cafes and night clubs and movie theatre more than up to the task of keeping you entertained.

The Chaffee Zoo

Fresno has its own zoo, and that would be The Chaffee Zoo. We will be honest here and admit that it is not the largest zoo in the country. With a collection of little more than hundred animals, at best, The Chaffee Zoo has a modest appeal. Then, again, the zoo does have some rare species such as the Addax, Red Wolf and Orangutan. To see these animals live, you should come to The Chaffee Zoo and among things to do in Fresno.

Fresno Art Museum

Art lovers have no shortage of museums, no matter which major city they decide to visit in America. Fresno does not wish to disappoint either and you will find all your art related cravings satisfied at the Fresno Art Museum and among things to do in Fresno. Depending on which month and week you are visiting, you will find that the museum always has special exhibitions that are currently live or being planned.

Saroyan Theatre

There are movie theatres that show a movie and there movie theatres which offer an experience. Saroyan Theatre is clearly in the latter category and for good reason. The movie theatre is massive with a seating capacity of about two thousand three hundred. The movie is part of a major cultural center. The lobby is filled with the best of the line amenities. If you are in Fresno and want to have a one of a kind movie experience, you will get that at the Saroyan Theatre and among things to do in Fresno.

Yosemite National Park

National parks are known for a number of family oriented activities such as hiking, biking and general sightseeing. One of the more well-known such parks in America is Yosemite National Park and it is closer to the city of Fresno and among things to do in Fresno. If you want to enjoy nature at its best and get away from all the busy lifestyle parameters, then you should come here. Spend a few days or even week at different parts of the park and return feeling alive again.

Island Water Park

Water parks are some of the most fun places in any city. This is a given as they combine the two most fun things - water and rides. For those who are travelling to Fresno in a large group of friends and family members, one of the best places to spend a good deal of quality time while having a good time is the Island Water Park among other things to do in Fresno. Island Water Park does provide special discounts for larger groups and you should make the most of it.

Wild Water Adventure Park

The Island Water Park is a water themed park but it is slightly smaller when compared to the Wild Water Adventure Park. You could think of this as a choice based decision. If you are looking for a simple experience that can be wrapped up over a day, head over to the Island Water Park. For those who are looking for even more thrills and even more rides, a better option is Wild Water Adventure Park. The Wild Water Adventure Park is filled to the brim with great rides such as Vortex, Buccaneer Landing and GhostSlider and among things to do in Fresno.

River Park Shopping Centre

Fresno is filled with many shopping centers that are more than ready to satisfy any vacation shopper's needs. For those who are looking for the best shopping experience, we can only recommend one name. That would be River Park Shopping Centre and among things to do in Fresno. The shopping center has every possible shopping outlet and business meeting places. This is where you would come to eat, meat and dine, Fresno style!

Sierra Sky Park

The Sierra Sky Park is not a tourist sightseeing spot in the traditional sense. It does provide an option for person air transport for tourists who prefer to travel that way and among things to do in Fresno.

Selland Arena

The last vacation destination on our list is Selland Arena. The sports complex plays host to several different types of events such as music concerts, ice hockey matches and basketball tournaments. The Arena, and among things to do in Fresno, is fairly busy throughout the year and you can always expect something to be happening, making it another interesting addition to your travel plan.

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