Things to do in Aurora

City of Aurora

There are lots of things to do in Aurora and several places to visit some of which are Cherry State Park, Zoo, Southlands, Aurora Reservoir, Arapahoe Park, the Vogue day spa, the Aurora History Museum, Fitzsimons Golf Course, Paint Horse Stable, Aurora Fox Arts Theatre, Meadow Hills Golf Course, Spring Hills Golf Course, Vintage theatre, and many more. There are even more to the list.

Some of the best things to do in Aurora are:

Visit the Cherry Creek State Park

The Cherry Creek State Park is of 4000 acres. You will also find a gorgeous lake, soothing beach and the like along with the rolling hills. It is a wonderful place for walking, biking, horseback riding, jogging and viewing the wildlife. On the lake, you can enjoy sailing, boating, skiing (water skiing), and swimming, jet skiing, ice skating, fishing and many more. Visiting the place is one of the best things to do in Aurora.

Visit the Aurora Zoo

Denver Zoo is about 80-acre in area in which there are three thousand five hundred animals, showcasing more than 650 types across the entire globe are residing. The zoo comprises of rare animals, reptiles, fish and birds, including king cobras, Amur leopards, black rhinos, elephants, coral, reef fish, zebras, and vampire bats, gorillas and many more. If you love to spend time with animals then, this is one of the best things to do in Aurora. If are on a trip with your young kids then, also this will be the best things to do in Aurora.

Explore the Aurora Botanic Gardens

There are a lot of Botanic Gardens present in Aurora that has huge living plant collections. You will find a wide variety of different types of plants in the Gardens at York Street. This will be one of the best things to do in Aurora if you appreciate the beauty of plants. If your kids are accompanying with you then, they will get a chance to gain knowledge while enjoying on holidays.

Pay a visit to the Aurora Reservoir

The Aurora Reservoir is located at 5800 S Powhaton Road, Aurora. You will feel relaxed with the serenity of the place. The natural beauty of the place will bind you to stay there for a bit longer time appreciating the beauty that nature has to offer. The best thing about the place is that no large motors are allowed on the lake.

Visit the Aurora Sports Park

If you are a sports fan then, visiting the Aurora Sports Park is one of the best things to do in Aurora. It is a destination for football, soccer, baseball or softball sports fans and players. The sports park offers 5 open grounds, 12 baseball/softball fields, 23 soccer fields along with four playgrounds, many picnic spots, and also restrooms. Many tournaments and leagues are being played there as well.

Visit the Aurora History Museum

Here you will get to see many objects of historical importance related to various topics such as topics with tours, educational programs, teas, lectures, workshops, family events and film series for people of all the ages. It is the best place to learn and enjoy for both children and adult.

Visit the Arapahoe Park

You can watch and even bet for horse racing here. The competitions are challenging and wonderful to watch.

Watch a live show at the Aurora Fox Art Theatre

Watching a live show at the Aurora Fox Art Theatre is an experience in itself. You will be amazed by the techniques they used. And also how particular they are about minute details. This will be one of the best things to do in Aurora for sure. You will remember the play that you will be watching here for the rest of the days to come.

Dance at Stampede Mesquite Grill & Dance Emporium

If you love dancing then, then dancing at Stampede and enjoying yourself are the best things to do in Aurora. It is one of the best night clubs you will ever come across. You will enjoy every single moment you spend here dancing to the beat.

Visit the Fitzsimons Golf Course

If you want to try your hands on Golf, then this is the place you should not miss visiting to. You can play golf and also watch other people playing there.

Watch a show at Vintage Theatre

Your experience of watching a show at Vintage Theatre will be wonderful. It offers you a comfortable seating facility and you will also find restaurants nearby adding to your comfort. Aurora has a lot of things to offer to people with different tastes and belonging to different age groups. You will have a very good experience on your trip to Aurora. Whether you are travelling alone or with friends or with family, in either of the case, you will have the best times of your life if you visit this beautiful place named Aurora.

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