Baby Food Diet Diet

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Baby Food Diet Diet

Do you ever taste a baby food? But have you ever thought about eating it at every meal? Proponents of a fad diet called the Baby Food Diet propose making baby food a diet staple for weight control, especially to feed cravings.

What I find interesting about the diet is a maintenance diet. Before you go on the Baby Food Diet, you have to go on the Fat Loss diet .

The Baby Food Diet: How Does It Work?

Portion control is an important part of diet success for anyone. Followers of the Baby Food Diet rely on the fact that baby food is already presented in small packages, which may help people monitor the amount they eat. However, there are currently no specific guidelines associated with the Baby Food Diet regarding how much baby food to eat per day. Some people may have baby food throughout the day with one large, healthy meal at dinner, while others could choose a few jars of baby food instead of meals, plus a jar at snack times.

The Baby Food Diet: Sample Diet

Just take a walk through the baby food aisle for the diet menu. Instead of breakfast and lunch, you might try jars of sweet potatoes, pureed fruit, and veggies, such as spinach and green beans. The Baby Food Diet Web site suggests that you try the larger jars of baby food because the food is not as refined, so it may feel more satisfying, and be sure to include baby food meat in your selections.

The Baby Food Diet: Pros

There are several benefits to the Baby Food Diet:

  • Fruits and vegetables.Baby food varieties are primarily fruits and vegetables. Snacking more on fruits and vegetables as well as increasing their proportion in the daily diet is generally a step in the right direction.

  • Portion control For people who need help limiting the amount they eat, even of fruits and vegetables, small jars and plastic packages with limited serving sizes can be beneficial.

  • Additive-free.Baby food is generally free of the chemicals that are added to packaged foods for adults.

  • Cravings solution.Baby food could be a good answer to cravings for snacks. Something sweet? Reach for a little jar of peaches or applesauce.

The Baby Food Diet: Cons

There are several concerns about the Baby Food Diet:

  • Fiber shortfall.Women should get about 25 grams of fiber a day for optimal health. Baby food is processed and often strained, so your choices are likely lacking in fiber. Check the packaging, but it could be hard to meet your fiber goal on baby food alone.

  • Cost. Despite the overall healthiness of baby food, buying enough baby food to feed an adult every day could be costly, says Giancoli. You can make the same foods at home for less, but then you lose the built-in portion control element.
  • Not for weight loss.The diet is promoted for weight-loss maintenance, not for peeling off the pounds. In fact, says Giancoli, there is a heavily promoted, fee-based weight-loss program that is suggested for dieters to lose weight before they start the Baby Food Diet.

Fad Diet: Short- and Long-Term Effects

This is not an eating plan that has been tested in any way; there is no evidence that this diet supports weight maintenance and there is no way to know how it would affect your body over a long period of time.

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