Things to do in Baltimore

Best things to do in the city of Baltimore.

Things to do in Baltimore

Baltimore is one of the largest cities in the United States of America, well known for its health and science related institutions and industries. Some of the world's foremost universities are located in this city. These universities are Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland-Baltimore to name a few. While Baltimore is primarily known for its universities and contribution to scientific research, the city itself is a fantastic tourism destination.

Just like the city's focus on science, much of the attractions that you will find in this city are also scientific in their nature. If you are looking for a vacation that will increase the knowledge of your children, and you are out for an educational vacation that mixes fun and learning, this is exactly what you should be looking for.

Baltimore Aquarium

Planning a trip to Maryland and Baltimore not on the list? Well, once you know about the Aquarium in the city of Baltimore you will cancel all other plans and go straight to this amazing Aquarium. This is one of the things to do in Baltimore. Do a simple image or video search online to find out what we are talking. Your kids will love watching dolphins, jelly fishes, octopus and every possible aqua life behind large glass windows.

Fort McHennry National Monument

More than two hundred years old, the McHennry fort is unique among forts for its star shaped design. When the British navy came attacking way back in the early 18th century, the fort defended the city of Baltimore. The same attack also led to the writing of Star Spangled Banner, which is of course, the national anthem of the country. Relive history by visiting this landmark, among the things to do in Baltimore.

Baltimore Museum of Art

Baltimore has always been known for its connection to history and among the things to do in Baltimore. Those who are curious to know more and get into the deep, the place to find all the answers is the Baltimore Museum of Art. You will find art that dates back to thousands of years and modern art as well. The museum has a grand collection and it also organizes information tours for those who want to do more than just observe the paintings. You could spend days at this museum, so be ready for it.

Pirate ship, Fearless

Love movies that feature pirates and think you could have done better on the high seas? Well, this is your chance to take part among the things to do in Baltimore. Once you are in the Baltimore book yourself and your friends a ride on the pirate ship Fearless. You will have a chance to dress up as a pirate, travel the seas and talk like one too. This ride is bound to give you some memorable pictures because it is not every day that you get to dress up like a pirate.

Harborplace Amphitheater

Some folks might not enjoy being a pirate and they may not like the pirate ship, Fearless. If you like something a little more subtle than screaming aboard a pirate ship, take a drive to the Harborplace Amphitheater. This is the place to enjoy music and concerts and most of the time, it is free. Events are organized regularly and are among the things to do in Baltimore. If you are in Baltimore and love music, this is one of the two places to be.

African American Festival

The second place, other than the Amphitheater for music lovers and travelers to be is the African American Festival. The event is held annually and that means, you will have to time your travel to match with that of the festival. You will find the finest performances of a variety of art styles from many African American artists at this festival. Add this among the things to do in Baltimore while travelling.

Inner Harbor

Baltimore is well known for its harbor and that harbor is the Inner Harbor. The Inner Harbor has played an important role in sea trade as well as naval warfare in its long history. Today, the harbor continues to play an important commercial role contributing enormously to the commerce of the city. As with any sea facing landmark, the place is a great vacation spot. While you are here, make sure to check out some of the docked ships of a variety sizes and shape. The ships are among the things to do in Baltimore.

Federal Hill Park

Those who are visiting the Inner Harbor should also visit the nearby park, the Federal Hill Park. The part is a nice place for an evening and it also close to a number of restaurants and hotels. The park should be part of the list that talks about the things to do in Baltimore

M&T Bank Stadium

NFL fans will need no introduction to the Bank Stadium. The stadium plays host to a number of events, most important of them is NFL matches. The stadium is also home to the Super Bowl winners, Baltimore Ravens. When you are here, catch the Baltimore Ravens in action on their home ground. Perfect place for a date with friends. Football is definitely among the things to do in Baltimore.

The Johns Hopkins University

The Johns Hopkins University is one of the most famous universities in the world, offering degrees of the highest caliber in various disciplines. The university is the primary reason for putting Baltimore on the world map in terms of scientific contribution. Take a trip through the university to experience life in a world class university and is among the things to do in Baltimore.

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